We don’t leave ‘our little Buddy’ with just ‘anyone’. He is a really mommy’s boy and has dug his way out of friends’ backyards to run home to mommy. So we were so ‘excited’ and ‘relieved’ when we found “Luv Bugs Doggy Daycare”. “Buddy” loves his Aunty Dotty and seems to know when he’s going while on route. “Happy Whines” all the way to her home. We can leave him with her and ‘know’ that he is in excellent & caring hands and he is more then happy to play with all his little friends.


My little Frankie loves to go visit Aunty Dotty. He is a very busy guy and can hold his own with the bouviers he lives with but he sure enjoys being around dogs his own size and being able to play with all the little toys. He loves that Aunty Dotty will play with him and enjoys his antics.

He also enjoys the outdoors and I don’t have to worry about him escaping and running loose in the neighbourhood.

…Julia & Frankie

Dfer and Sprocket love to go over and spend time with Aunty Dotty and the clan. It is a great relief to have Dotty and her fabulous Doggy Cam Day Care. The boys just love to play and have a great time with others there own size. Great Doggy Days Dotty

.. Pamela & Peter

Hey Dotty,

Here’s the poop–

I take my little “Buddy” to Luv-Bugs because he enjoys interacting with other dogs his size, in a pet-friendly environment. Buddy can’t wait to get through the door. And there’s no display of the usual separation anxiety when I leave. Hats off to Dotty who leads the pack like a pro!